Frequently Asked Questions

KOKO FARM Sweet Potato Snacks

Q. How do I store it after opening?

A. Please store in a cool, dry place. Remember, there are no additives. Consume them as soon as possible. Please reseal tightly to preserve freshness.

Q. What are the white powdery substance on some of the sweet potato sticks?
A. White powder is natural-crystallized sugar that is formed during the drying process; it is safe to consume it.

Q. What are the black particles (like peppers) on the sweet potato sticks?
A. The black particle is sweet potato’s skin/fiber; it is safe to consume it.

Q. What's the expiration date?
A. Each package has an expiration date printed on the back of the package. We recommend that you consume it as soon as possible after opening.


Q. How can I enjoy more of the chewy texture?
A. Microwave the desired portion for 10-15 seconds for a chewy and soft texture. Never microwave with the package.

Q. Can I feed it to my dog?
A. My dog loves it! However, please be sure to consult with the veterinarian for the safety of your beloved dog.



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